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Customer Testimonials

"The Hateful Woman founders' unparalleled commitment to the bit of building this brand is inspirational. I am proud to be an early customer of what is sure to become a global phenomenon."

-Anonymous satisfied customer

  • "I get compliments every time I wear it out of the house! Especially after I explain what being a Hateful Woman means to me."

    -Annalissa L.

  • "I love my Hateful Woman sweatshirt!! Something that validates my anger AND is super cute?! Epic!!"

    -Julia K.

  • "The logo is very well rounded; much like the co-founders of Hateful Woman."

    -Alvaro F.

  • "Wow!"

    -Natalie M.

  • "When I put on my Hateful Woman sweatshirt I feel empowered to be my most unpleasant self!"

    -Eryn K.

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"Suck it, Drew!"

-James S.